Sunday, May 17, 2015

Green blank drop at noon

In an hour (12PM ET) I will be throwing green blanks in the store! You guys have been asking for them, here's your chance at some. I will have Walking Cadavers, Usirs, and Evolved Beast Digglers. As noted in the listing, vinyl is still in transit, so please give me a few weeks to get these off to you if you grab something.

Friday, May 1, 2015

New sculpt, Serpent Sata

I just finished a new sculpt, in the scale of Cadaver Kid, Diggler, and Usir. Serpent Sata. This character is a companion to the Usir, and should also tie in nicely with my side of the upcoming Moon Goon.

"I am the Sata-snake, long of years, who sleeps and is reborn each day. I am the Sata-snake, dwelling in the limits of the earth. I sleep and am reborn, renewed and rejuvenated each day."