Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trick or Treat Masked Digglers

Going live in the store today at NOON (ET). Maked Diggler is back! In collaboration with Devil's Headquarters, Diggler is ready for Halloween in his Alavaka mask. Make sure to give Diggler all the candy he desires, or his ravenous appetite may turn to you.

There will also be 4 special painted chase figures, this release is sold blind bagged style. You won't be able to choose what figure you receive.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Broken Bones debut

Very excited to announce that my newest figure, Broken Bones has successfully been cast in sofubi and will be debuting soon. Made in collaboration with Toy Art Gallery, the first release should be debuting at their upcoming Halloween show.

Here's a little backstory on Broken Bones. Broken Bones, is Cadaver Kids older brother, the two died together in a tragic accident. After a lonely necromancer brought the Cadaver Kid back to life to experience the joy of raising a son, Broken Bones spirit returned to his expired body, determined to watch over and protect his kid brother once again.
With great will Broken Bones spirit was able to reoccupy his body, but his body's organs still ceased to function and he continued to rot away to nothing but bone and guts. But that doesn't stop him from watching over Cadaver Kid.
You can often find Broken Bones pulling off his broken arm to play fetch with Diggler, he loves that little fur-ball.